Saturday, 9 January 2016


Everyone is WelcoMe

As soon as I plan to sew, something crops up. So only working on my one Christmas item a month. I am starting off  with a pair of Christmas mug rugs.  Most of my time was taken up with tidying my craft room.
Today yet more tidying, I still can't find a nearly completed quilt. It seems to have disappeared into thin air. I've got to the stage of looking in places I've already checked!!! I'd much rather be sewing.


  1. The mug rugs are super cute! I hate it when I can't find things that I know should be right there in that place that I am sure I left them in!!!

  2. Where on earth have you put that quilt?! Are you sure it isn't hiding in plain sight in a pile of finished quilts?!

  3. I do hope that quilt is found.
    I have recently moved and am loving opening boxes to discover projects I haven't seen for a long time.