Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 FAL

Now if only I could remember how to do add the logo to this post and my side bar.
One of my quilts to be finished has disappeared into thin air so I am going with less this time.

1, My Temecula mini from a few years ago only needs binding again, I made a mess the first time, I couldn't leave it like that and unpicked it.
I an unable to post pictures, (thanks Blogger) at the moment but will add later.

2. Two Christmas mug rugs need finishing only the fronts hexied.

3. Last years virtual retreat quilt from The Quilt Pattern Magazine. Blocks made, sashing and corner stones cut, borders cut.

As soon as Blogger lets me I'll post pictures.


  1. To add content to a side bar, go to your blogger dashboard, choose layout from the lower left column. That will give you an outline view of your blog and you can add gadgets, etc. Hope that helps. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  2. Sounds like a great list, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos, when Blogger plays nicely! If he doesn't, you could always add links to relevant posts/Flickr photos - shout if you need a hand with that!

    To add the button to your post, copy the code under the button on one of the hosts' blogs (find mine here http://archiethewonderdog.blogspot.co.uk/p/official-fal-2016.html - click in the box and then press ctrl+a to select the text, then ctrl+c to copy it) and then paste it (ctrl+v) into your post. I've just tested it and you don't even have to do it on the html bit (next to compose on the top left of the 'write a post' window) but if you don't then you'll need to centre it (on the 'edit' bar between the title and the body of the post). (Not doing so doesn't 'break' the button, it just doesn't look quite as nice in your blog post as it'll be left aligned.) Shout if you need a hand with any of that or linking up your post!

  3. Dear heavens...I certainly cannot help you...good luck