Sunday, 11 August 2013

Christmas QAL 3

After digging at the allotment for three hours this morning it was lovely to sit and sew. Of course having cleaned the machine I had to fill bobbins and get set up for a mega sewing session.
I don't know how people can make a quilt so quickly.  I watched a bit more of  Twin Peaks whilst I fed all those meters through. I won't get a chance to sew now until tomorrow evening, after the grand boys have gone home.
happy sewing


  1. It's been our annual show at the allotment today, Josie - great fun, and the sun shone all afternoon!

    Of course, I haven't got as much sewing done as I've have liked, but there you go!

  2. That's a lot of allotment work to do and then keep going. I can't make a quilt quickly either, but I love it when I can spend a lot of time sewing.