Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christmas QAL 2

Not a lot to show, a cleaner bathroom, washing done.  I keep chickening out of quilting the first quilt. I did do a practice piece, which confirmed, I need more practice.
Anyway, hopefully, here are some outdoor shots of the quilts.

Still blurry, never mind, they can only get better!!
happy sewing


  1. I understand your hesitance. I love all of the colors you used for the sashings. It's a lively, youthful quilt.

  2. Well you're braver than me - I would be able to stitch in the ditch, or something else that involved straight lines, but that's it. straight

  3. Ha - yes, the reluctance to start the quilting! I'm like that! What about an all over big stipple? Shouldn't be too tricky and will blend in with the fabrics and not jump out at you.