Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April get your hex on

As the weather starts to improve, my time for sewing is limited by my need to dig and weed my allotment.  It has been neglected over the winter and I have a lot to catch up. Yesterdays fun job was digging and removing large dandelions with all their roots, there are not nearly as many as last year which is encouraging.
Anyway back to sewing, I have posted the April get your hex on block to Ann in Texas.
I think this will be a lovely quilt when it is assembled.  I am now waiting for May's fabric to arrive. 

I have been practicing, using the walking foot, my quilting. there is so much to learn!!! But it nice to see small improvements.  The new belt on my new treadle machine means I have been able to use it for the first time. It loosened up very quickly and I soon found the fun I had 25 years ago, when I last had treadle sewing machines.

I hope to go to Uttoxeter on Saturday to the Quilt and Stitch show.  My trip to the NEC didn't happen, due to snow. Fingers crossed I make it this time, I have quite a shopping list.

Here is my work in progress, I'm not sure if my idea will work.


  1. It's Gorgeous!!!! Thank you!!!
    And I am so jealous you have a treadle machine!!
    I spent my Sunday pulling weeds from my yard. I sorely neglected it last year and it making me pay for it now. :(

  2. Your blue hexes are beautiful! Your work looks sew precise. Have fun with your treadle and a happy quilty day ... :) Pat

  3. Very nice. I just purchased a treadle machine too...but I am only using it as a cabinet...not sure if the machine works, but it definitely needs a belt.