Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Works in progress

I did mean to blog before but life got in the way.  Mara's block has been posted off and I am waiting for April's hexy project to arrive. The theme is blue.
I have finally pieced the 12 days of temecula, I started this over a year ago, there are so many beginners mistakes, (just as well I'm a beginner at machine piecing).
I still love it and will hang it proudly in my sewing room, when it's finished.
I am looking forward to the NEC this weekend. I might fondle or even buy some fabric for my November hexy partners, I still haven't decided on a theme or even colours.
Mara's March Block
Temecula's Twelve Days of Christmas. 2011


  1. I love my block thank you so much, I will let you know when it arrives in the mail.

  2. It came in the mail today, thank you it is wonderful.

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