Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Garden Beauties Jan/Feb

Here are the first two blocks of Garden Beauties from The Quilt Pattern Magazine. I was able to make these thanks to Archie the Wonder Dog,  I won some pretty fabric and this is just a little piece of it.
I did manage to trim the leaves and stalk block too small and had to make another.
My next block for Get your hex on has arrived, I'm not sure yet what I'm planning.
I haven't started Feb's, And Sew On's, paper pieced block, it looks more challenging than Jan's block.


  1. That fabric makes a wonderful plant - love it!

  2. That IS really pretty fabric you are using for the plant leaves.

  3. Oh very nicely done- those pieced blocks can be really difficult to do!

  4. I'm really liking this contemporary styled block. The whole garden theme really interests me. Perfect for spring. Looking forward to seeing more of the blocks.