Friday, 4 January 2013

More Hexagons

It was lovely to see the sun on my walk today, after the grotty, damp weather of late.
Here hopefully are the two hexagons I failed to upload a couple of posts ago. There is also an orange-yellow    hexagon to be finished tonight or tomorrow.
Yesterday I made a simple tote for my niece, it is for her knitting.  I will try and take a photo on Sunday before I post it.
My next blog goal is to be able to add 'buttons' to my sidebar.
I also need to take better photos!!
So much to learn.


  1. Those photographs look good to me, but I was thinking the same about photography last week. It's not like we get the light for wonderful shots in the UK, though is it! Great Hexies - I've just bought the hexagogo book and am intending to hex while on holiday this summer!

  2. i love the 3D paper pieced block! Such a good idea :)