Tuesday 2 January 2024


A busy day volunteering at my local library.

Story and rhyme with the little ones this morning.

Changing the displays from Christmas to winter.

Plus a pneumonia jab at the medical centre this afternoon.

Tired this evening so just pinning some autumn bunting.  

Oh dear, the colours are rubbish. I'll try to improve it tomorrow.

The heavy rain all day has made it dark and miserable.


Monday 1 January 2024

January 1st 2024

Hello, a new year with a chance to improve in so many ways.

Regular blogging, I'll try.

More photos, I need to take more and use some of the features on my camera.

Continue with my healthier eating, much better last year.

Make more effort to improve my fitness.

I did get a chance to sew today.

A simple notebook cover, for a winter display at my local little library.

A little tatted snowflake goes well on the linen cover.
Happy New Year to all.


Thursday 4 May 2023

May the fourth be with you

 I forgot to post a picture of my finished knitting bag.

It is a useful size and I enjoyed making it.
Now to finish off some older projects.
No starting anything new.
I am busy at my allotment, I finished planting my potatoes and sweet peas.
The ground is finally drying out, so many weeds still to eradicate before they take over.
At home my greenhouse is bursting at the seams because we still have frosts in middle \England.
I am enjoying hand sewing and machine sewing as well.
Happy sewing.

Friday 14 April 2023

April sewing

 I have been crafting since my last post months ago.

Just dipping in and out.

I decided to get my Sashiko supplies out.

It is years since I did a short course with Susan Briscoe at a Quilters Guild conference.

I'm not sure if the photos will look clear or distorted.

The pretend fabric, I added stitching to, is for a rice bag that I making from directions from The Quilt Show.


This is the one I am stitching today.
Happy sewing.

Friday 6 January 2023

January FNWF

 Well after feeling rubbish for most of December I then started coughing and sneezing again on Christmas day.

Now I'm feeling better but not much sewing has happened, I've knitted socks in stead.

Today I have been sewing the stems down ready for the flowers, which might be attached later today.

I did get a load of washing done and a pile of ironing this morning finished.

A walk in the drizzly rain this afternoon, it looks like it's here for the rest of the day.

I hope everyone who wanted to sew has had the chance to.

Happy new year and happy sewing.


Friday 2 December 2022

December 2nd FNSWF

 Not such a good day, horrible sore throat and swollen glands.

Instead of sewing I've been aran knitting, easier to do when I can't concentrate.

I had planned on stitching some of the stems down.

Ah well, perhaps tomorrow.

Yet more football on tv tonight, 

I will look at other blogs instead to see what everyone's doing.

Happy sewing


Thursday 1 December 2022

December 2023

 Strange year, covid struck early February and I think is still affecting me.

I get tired very easily but this post is not all about that.

I have been sewing on my Lucy Boston Patchwork.

Also some simple bag sewing for a small pirate.

Here are some Lucy blocks finished in September.

I think that is all for now, I'll save some for another post.